Our Vision, Mission, Values & Principles

Our Vision

As guardians for future generations, we will be a sustainable community.

Mission Statement

Working with local communities to reduce our carbon footprint.


We are BOLD
The climate crisis is immense. We must be visionary, courageous and lead by example in order for sustainable change to occur. We are bold enough to step outside our comfort zone, learn from our own and other’s experiences and strategically move forward.

We approach our tasks from a place of of positive energy and optimism. We encourage and motivate people to make a difference now and in the future.

We value teamwork, inclusiveness and empowerment. By working together through the challenges and successes before us, we help make our community stronger, more resilient and better equipped to address the climate crisis.

We LISTEN ( and then we SPEAK )
We do not have all the answers. We listen to others in order to learn, inform ourselves and evolve together. We amplify voices that may otherwise be marginalized and share factual knowledge that will make a difference.


We are guided by a set of basic standards to help our work be focused and remain true to our vision and mission. These principles also shape how we approach solutions to ensure workable, fair and lasting change.

They are:

  • Action-Oriented
  • Focus effort to get maximum results: what 20% effort will give us 80% return; also known as the Vital Few.
  • Leverage available solutions that have impact: lets not re-invent the wheel, find solutions and ways to make change that will work.
  • Engage and create community: we can do more together than as individuals. We seek to build a community. This is a shared responsibility by government, business and people.
  • Marathon not a sprint: we are in this for the long haul. There will be wins and change along the way. A transition of this magnitude will take time.
  • No one should be left behind: actions, decisions and lasting change must ensure we bring everyone into the new future. It must be fair, equitable and just.