Practical Home Energy Solutions – November 25, 2021

When:  November 25th 7pm-8:30pm    Register:  here

The impacts of climate change are unfolding all over the world. The good news is that solutions exist, waiting to be implemented. Members of the public can fight climate change and improve the comfort of their homes by making some smart choices.

Space and water heating represent 81% of a typical Canadian home’s energy use and usually involve burning fossil fuels.

We will be talking about how to measure your home thermal performance, options for water heaters, and heat pumps. And ways to take action now and into the future.

As always we will open with an artistic interlude – Uniting the World for Climate Justice – images from David Suzuki Foundation curated by the Gaia Team, CCI Students.

Ray Mueller, Energy team lead will be facilitating this session.  He will also share the Energy Team’s Thermal Performance Application and how to get started on home energy efficiencies.

Jeremy Sager, Housing Team Project Officer from Natural Resources Canada will be our guest speaker. He will speak to water and space heating options with respect to Heat Pumps.

We’ll also hear from local residents who have taken the plunge to make changes in their water and space heating systems.

As always there will be time for questions and answers.

Join us for an interesting discussion and build our awareness and solution options to consider.