Heat Pumps: Hear About it – November 22


Heat Pumps – Hear About It
The Energy team is working on a very ‘cool’ series of events to provide real-world and applicable knowledge,  lessons, and approaches on home energy efficiency and electrification to reduce our emissions and  improve the overall health, comfort and affordability of our homes.

Last year we hosted an Energy event on Heat Pumps (a 101 so to speak).  As a refresher or if you missed it there are 3 options:



  1. Watch  Practical Home Energy Solutions  on our YouTube channel from last year
  2. Join Green Venture for their online event – November 22nd 6:30-7:30pmBuyers Guide to Heat Pumps:  How you Can Save Money by Making the Switch – November 22nd   
  3. Ontario Clean Air Alliance – online event – November 22nd 7-8pm – Heat Pumps:  The Clear Climate Choice for your Home