Let’s Talk. New Carbon Conversation Series

We are hosting a new series of conversations starting March 3rd and running bi-weekly for 4 sessions.  Join any number of these conversations.  They are free standing and will be a build to a final session on talking about climate change. They are not following our more structure workshop format – rather an opportunity to talk about climate change.

We are using a selection of short videos from a new initiative that was launched through TED called COUNTDOWN.  They have a series of 5 one hour sessions of videos centred around core themes – Urgency, Leadership, Transformation, Breakthroughs, and Action.  Our team has viewed them all and identified ones we believe are relevant to our area and will provide an opportunity for thoughtful conversations.

Each video is approximately 6-15 minutes in duration.  Watch in advance and then join us for active discussion

March 3Lessons on leaving  the world better than you found it

Watch the Video;  Register:    March 3rd 7pm -8:30pm  

March 17 – Fossil Fuel companies know how to stop global warming. Why don’t they?
Watch the Video ;  Register:  March 17 7pm-8:30pm

March 31 -Detoxing Transportation

Watch the Video ;  Register:  March 31 7pm-8:30pm

April 14 -Let’s Talk. Climate. Change.

Watch the Video;  Register:  April 14, 7pm-8:30pm