Going Meatless Tips

Start by examining your current menu – are there any options that can easily be modified to make the dish(es) fully plant-based (containing no animal products)?

The key to an enticing plant-based dish is flavour and familiarity.  Many of us are already consuming plant-based meals!   Think pasta primavera, black bean burritos, stir fries, chili and coconut milk curry. Global cuisines from Indian, to Chinese, to Mexican, to Middle Eastern, to Italian and many others feature flavour-packed plant-based dishes.

Draw inspiration from different food traditions to help ensure variety and diversity.

Tap into current food trends.  Such as “The Bowl” – a grain, legume, vegetables and a flavourful sauce. That’s all you need to make a filling and delicious dish, and the options are endless as you can mix and match ingredients. (eg. Thai soba noodle bowl with peanut sauce, Mexican sweet potato bowl with a cashew lime cream, Crispy chickpea bowl with lemon tahini dressing, sushi bowl, falafel bowl, etc.)

Explore how cooking techniques that are often applied to meat-based dishes can be utilized in making a plant-based dish. For example, marinating, searing, grilling, BBQ and smoking.

Seek out new and interesting recipes – there are a plethora of options.  Here is just one example of recipes where you can find ideas, ingredients and stimulate you and your family to give it a whirl!