Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations

Let’s talk about carbon!

Carbon conversations is a six-session program where participants explore their carbon footprint and ways to reduce it meaningfully with the support of a group environment. Through a series of intimate workshops we provide a safe space for individuals to express concerns about climate change while gaining tools and resources to help reduce your carbon footprint. We help work with the complex emotions that make it difficult to act and find renewed motivation.

We now have 4 facilitators fully trained in the workshop series and completed our first pilot of the 6 workshops in June 2020.  We are launching a series of workshops in the fall of 2020 and plan to introduce the full program in 2021.

We have also built a strong working relationship with our partner, Project Neutral who provides an Ontario based carbon footprint calculator.  We are investigating ways to measure residential/community footprint as a whole. This will help to support local community action to meet CCAT’s mission.

We have an active and committed working team moving to open up our conversation with Collingwood and area residents.

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