Consumption & Waste Reduction

Consumption & Waste Reduction

The focus of the Consumption and Waste Management team is to identify waste generated by businesses and individuals and to provide solutions for reducing consumption and waste. Our team will work closely with other CCAT groups to provide education and support to assist individuals, businesses, and municipal government to shift towards sustainable practices. Consumption and waste reduction (using less) is a priority, Followed by re-using, maximizing biodegradable options and efficient recycling.

The current focus of our team is to educate the community in practical ways to cut back on the amount of waste ending up in our landfills. With that in mind we are promoting the 7 R’s:

Rethink / Refuse / Reduce / Rot / Repair /Reuse /Recycle

Moving forward we want people to ask themselves “What can I do?” Every lifestyle adjustment we as individuals can make can make a positive difference. Start simply – using cardboard in your garden to prevent weeds or challenge yourself to put out garbage once a month instead of every other week. Your efforts will be a game changer. And if you are already a 7R practitioner, share your ideas.

One major project we are undertaking is food waste and to divert more to composting .  Our team may be getting dirty but it is with a clean future in mind.

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