Our working team is dedicated to minimizing the use of single vehicle transportation, by encouraging the use of and advocating for active, mass transit & shared transportation. Our goal is to reduce the current carbon footprint from transportation. Our projects are currently focused on accessible and an active downtown core as a starting point.

The Transportation working team discusses anything that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) related to transportation. To date, we have provided feedback for the Town’s official plan update, written letters of response regarding transit funding and the downtown street closure initiatives, presented to the BIA and done a sample survey of parking pass use in our parking lots. Currently, we are working on producing a visual presentation of what downtown might be like as a more pedestrian friendly space.

We initiated hosting a local World C Free Day on September 22nd, 2020 and challenged the Town to participate.  It was a positive result and the team is ready to make it an annual event.  Longer term goal would to be make it a more frequent part of how we move around town.

New ideas and team members are always welcome.

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