Meatless Monday Challenge

Hey Collingwood!  Take the Meatless Monday Challenge!

 Everyone is concerned about climate change yet may not be sure how they can help. We would all like a cleaner and sustainable environment which includes health, fresh air, clean water, great food and safety.

The Collingwood Climate Action’s Food team have been hard at work through these winter months on a number of exciting projects to help us all actively and simply reduce one key part of our carbon footprint – FOOD.

We are calling on the citizens of Collingwood and surrounding region to take up the challenge to take a step towards change.  Start small – by eating just one meatless meal a week.   Meatless Mondays asks citizens to make it just part of how we eat around here.

Around the world people have embraced the Meatless Monday concept.  In fact, did you  know that in the Netherlands they initially started with Meatless Mondays and now the average person there eats up to 4 meatless meals/week?  They have embraced it big time and so can we!

We’re not trying to turn you into a vegetarian or a vegan rather moving us towards a flexitarian diet with more choices that are great for us, the planet and our local economy too.

Many plants have more nutritional value than meat and are less likely to cause cholesterol.  Fresh grown local organic vegetables create less transportation emissions and can save you. money if you buy them in season. If you support your local growers, you provide employment, and the profits go back into the community.

Soon you will be able to dine once again at your favourite restaurant, many of whom support the Meatless Monday campaign and will have a special on their menu.

Here is a recipe or two to get you started

January Meatless Monday Recipes