Carbon Conversations

Our flagship program of six sessions encourages you to explore the relationship between your life and climate change and helps you work with the complex emotions that make it difficult to act.

We do this through facilitated group sessions of 1.5 hours in length. In each session, you explore a new way climate change relates to your life.  Topics covered are:

We leave you with increased clarity of the tools & resources available to take your own approach toward a less carbon-intensive life.

The sessions are made up of 8 – 16 participants and is led by two trained Climate Action Facilitators.  These facilitators work with you to co-create a safe and judgement-free space for all participants.

Developed by Carbon Conversations UK  and enhanced for the Ontario landscape by our other partner Carbon Conversations Toronto they are interactive sessions where we share and consider ways to move forward towards making change while provide a no blame, judgment free zone for learning more, asking questions and making choices.

We are grateful for our partnerships and the ability to bring well curated materials, approaches and caring for us as humans to our community.