Looking for a Low Carbon Future

Carbon Conversation Workshop 1:  Looking for a Low Carbon Future

Carbon Conversations Workshops and those who attend acknowledge the complexity of our feelings about climate change – our desire to act versus our desire to keep everything as it is; our willingness to take responsibility, versus our desire to blame others; our longing for a parental figure who will cope, versus our recognition that we too need to step up.

The workshops provide a safe space where people can explore humanity’s impact on the climate and decide what they want to do about it. The groups are based on a psychological understanding of how people react to difficult news, how they face the need for change, and how to turn this into practical and effective action to reduce emissions.

The first in the series is the foundational ‘Looking for a Low Carbon Future’.  This workshop starts at the macro/world order level and moves down to our local, household space.  By understanding the larger picture we can better understand our place in this story and then be prepared to explore the further elements of our daily lives where we can consider making changes that are within our capacity and desire to undertake.

You can decide to complete your Carbon Footprint calculator (using our partner Project Neutral’s Calculator) in advance if you wish but it is not mandatory.  To complete your Household Footprint in advance, click here.

The workshop is 1.5 hours in duration, small group of 12-16 people, 2 co-facilitators and uses a range of workshop techniques including conversation, discussions as a group and in smaller 2 or 3 people conversations.  This is a safe space where all we can share openly without judgment or blame.  Entering this workshop with curiosity and openness will increase the value and richness of the conversation with other fellow humans.