Climate Café

These cafés are for anyone aged 18 or over. 

Why do we need Climate Cafés?

We need the kind of exploration that climate cafés provide as it becomes more evident that climate and ecological breakdown are not far-away problems but a clear and present danger to our own safety and wellbeing. People increasingly need to talk about what our changing world means for them in terms of impacts at personal, family and societal level. We need to imagine it in some detail so as to be able to think about it constructively and clear-sightedly, and to explore some complex feelings and thoughts which may often be taboo and hard to talk about.

What is a Climate Café?

CCAT’s Climate Café is a space where you share your feelings about the climate and ecological crisis. It is a thinking and feeling space, a haven from busyness and isolation. Come as you are, and share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

A Climate Café is not a space for planning climate action or discussing climate policy. While these actions are very important, they are not the focus of our Climate Cafés. We do this because sharing feelings in a supportive setting helps to build our resilience during this confusing and difficult time.

The café is organized and supported by Collingwood Climate Action Team and inspired by the work from Climate Psychology Alliance. This is an adult gathering, not a therapy group. We will be hosting both in person and online opportunities to meet for a Café conversation.

If you find that uncomfortable feelings have been stirred up, the two facilitators aren’t rushing away at the end, so we’ll be available for anyone who wants a separate chat.

​Sound like something you want to try?

Check out our upcoming climate cafes on our Events Page