Community Carbon Footprint Challenge

Measure – learn what your footprint is now

What you’ll need:

Your  town + postal code, 10 minutes
Vehicle mileage2, household electricity/heating bills2
(2optional for more accurate results, can be entered later)

Ready to measure? 

Visit Project Neutral and Get Started
Calculate your footprint and Save your results
If you are in a Team – Enter your Team Code on the ‘Your Community’ tab
Check out the Resources on the Project Neutral site
Save your Project Neutral password for future use

Act  – Workshops, tools, Mini-challenges
 Reduce your footprint & build community resilience

  Participate in Climate Conversations


Use These Action Tools




Consumption & Waste

We’ll be sharing mini-challenges and your Team can too!

Participate in Events to share our Experiences and Learn

Come together as a Community and Celebrate through cultural components that we can all enjoy.

See what Actions are making a difference for others and share your team’s Successes

Update our household footprint and our community footprint  on an annual basis and see the Progress we can achieve

Join us and your Community in the Challenge.  Begin the journey by measuring your footprint.

Our goal is to make positive, lasting change and put us on the path to a more Healthy, Resilient and Sustainable community and region.