I’m not sure about this?  What are your expecting participants to commit to? 

Our ask is that you complete a baseline footprint for your household and then join the  conversation.  Each year we will ask Teams and participants to review and recalculate.  Our hope is that participants will be inspired to take action but there is no expectation  that you commit to more than honestly completing the footprint measurements. 

I am very interested in this project and willing to lead my Team?  What is my role? 

Team leads are responsible for getting their Team organized and registered.  Team  leads will be the contact for new participants to the Team and we hope Teams will  continue to grow. When it comes time for the annual footprint recalculation, the Team  leads can remind and encourage Team members to do this. We will share information  with Team leads who can then share with their Team and conversely Team leads can  share with CCAT challenges for other Teams or Team success stories which we can  promote. Team leads will ideally lead the conversations with their Team and others. 

Is there a prize for the Team with the lowest Footprint? 

We have designed this project as a Challenge not a competition.  We will not be ranking  teams or individual households or sharing scores.  We do plan to promote all Teams that  participate and also those that take action. 

What if members of a household want to belong to more than one team?  My  partner wants to join his co-workers and my children say there is a team at school.   I want to take part with my friends. 

No problem – A household only does one footprint measurement but can join more than  one Team.  Each Team will have a Team code.  These are entered on the ‘Your  Community’ tab on the Project Neutral website and the Teams that your household  belongs to will display there.  Team codes can be entered anytime after you have  completed your registration and baseline footprint.

How safe is my data?   

Project Neutral will keep your data confidential and will not disclose individual data to  other Teams, the media, the public, nor to CCAT.  Data is meant to give us an overall  picture of our communities and will be linked to postal codes for analysis.  Your own  footprint calculation is password protected and it is important to keep this password to  access your account on Project Neutral. CCAT does not have access to individual  accounts and will also keep any information you provide to us confidential.  We do not  share email lists and will only send information regarding the project to those who have  provided us their contact information directly. 

Has a Community Carbon Footprint Project like this been done somewhere else? 

Project Neutral has been involved in household footprint projects in other Ontario  communities such as Waterloo Region, Toronto, London and Mississauga.  The South  Georgian Bay project is unique in using a team-based approach, which we think will be  more engaging and inclusive for the community. We are planning to include our  regional partners in the project and hoping to develop a model that can be used in other  communities as well. 

How is this project being funded? 

CCAT is a not-for-profit organization that is funding the project.  We are in the process  of obtaining charitable status and are supported by donations, local sponsors and a  Community Recreation and Culture Grant from the Town of Collingwood. Project  Neutral is partnering with CCAT on the Community Carbon Footprint Project and is a  registered charity. Both organizations are always interested in speaking to anyone who  would consider a donation or sponsorship.