30 Days More Biking Challenge in June

We have heard you…. Many of you responded with the feedback that 30 Days of Biking Collingwood which we started in April needed better weather. It took us a month but we are pretty sure June will have much better weather than April. If not, we offer our unconditional “Double Your Money Back Guarantee”*

June is  Ottawa’s “Let’s Bike” to Work month  (https://letsbike.ca/) . Why should they have all the fun??     So, we encourage you to  bike before work, bike to work, take a break in your day and ride a bike, bike after work…just get out and ride around Collingwood. It could be even more fun than in April! As before,  CCAT asks you to take some fun photos of where you ride, rain or shine, inside or out, on the road, trails or anywhere else and then share them with your friends and with us by tagging #30DaysCollingwood and @collingwoodclimateaction or by emailing them to collingwoodcat@gmail.com

And as an added bonus, if you did not get a free bike light set the last time around, we still have a few light sets available, first come, first served. They are available at 354 Cedar Street. When they’re gone, they’re gone! 
Happy and safe riding!

* Void where prohibited by law and all that other legal mumbo-jumbo.