CAR Driving Costs Calculator

Check out the real costs of owning a car using the calculator below.  The CAA Driving Costs Calculator will help you build a better understanding of all the ongoing costs of owning a vehicle.  Make sure you scroll down on the left side to see the environment cost in kg of Carbon/Year.
Decide if you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by committing to any of the following actions:
    1. Replace a gas car with an electric car
    2. Replace gas car with a used electric car
    3. If you own two cars go down to one
    4. If you own a car go car free
    5. Buy the smallest most fuel efficient used gas car and give up an SUV or Truck – you can rent something bigger when you need – you will probably save money and you will emit less carbon.
    6. Share a car with friends or family – cars sit in the driveway 80-90% of the time and you are more likely to try another mode of transportation if you have less access to a vehicle.