Coping with the Climate Crisis

Carbon Conversations was started by Rosemary Randall, a psychotherapist, and Andy Brown an engineer. Drawing on Rosemary’s therapeutic experience with groups and Andy’s technical expertise they created a unique psycho-social project that addresses the practicalities of carbon reduction while taking account of the complex emotions and social pressures that make this difficult. 
Just before lockdown in March 2020  Rosemary’s son made these six short videos on ‘Coping with the climate crisis’ in which she talks about the emotional dimensions of people’s responses and how we can support each other through what are often difficult and traumatic experiences.
  1.  Disavowal or everyday denial
  2. Climate Anxiety or climate distress
  3. Loss and grief
  4. Supporting Others
  5. Hope and despair
  6. Climate Journeys – can the climate crisis transform your life?

Coping with the Climate Crisis – 6 short videos