Community Carbon Footprint Challenge

Let’s all get involved in taking meaningful  collective action.

Launching in  September  we are inviting  you, the community to participate in measuring our  household carbon footprints,  create or join a team, take action on your own or in a team, and  listen, talk, and learn ways to make a difference!

For more information on the Challenge details go to our Project page.

Breaking News!

Way to Go!  Collingwood’s Town Council has agreed to take the challenge.

They will be measuring their footprint and working together to take action.

Stay tuned for Updates.

Change is a shared experience. If we all make an effort it can be done!

Collingwood Climate Action Team is s a volunteer-led group founded to help individuals and community find hope and take action in the face of the climate crisis. We seek to build awareness, motivate and build ways for people to take climate action.  In Canada more and more  residents are concerned about climate change, yet about 50 per cent don’t know what to do about it. Many of us are unwilling to act because of anxiety and overwhelm that climate change can cause.

 We follow a set of  six guiding principles to do just that:

  1. Action Oriented – move from challenges and problems to solutions.
  2. Focus – focused effort to get maximum result, what 20% effort will give us 80% return; also known as the Vital Few.
  3. Leverage available solutions that have impact – let’s not reinvent the wheel, find solutions and ways to make change that will work.
  4. Engage and create community – we can do more together than as individuals. We seek to build community.   This is a shared responsibility by government, business and people.
  5. Marathon not a sprint – we’re in this for the long haul, there will be wins and change along the way.  A transition of this magnitude will take time.
  6. No one should be left behind. Actions, decisions and lasting change must ensure we bring everyone into the new future.  It must be fair, equitable and just.

Mission & Vision

Working with local communities to reduce our carbon footprint.

As guardians for future generations, we will be a sustainable community.

Making change is a shared responsibility through people, government and business. We are all in this together.

Reach out, learn, make a difference.